You reached this page so let me tell you about myself

From a technological and philosophical point of view.

An individual with a passion for all things cyberpunk.I am deeply interested in the genre and its many sub-genres, and spends much of my free time exploring the worlds created by cyberpunk authors and filmmakers.

My love for this genre has not only provided endless hours of entertainment, but has also given me a unique perspective on technology, society, and the future.Whether discussing the latest cyberpunk novel or debating the merits of a classic film,I always up for a conversation about this exciting and thought-provoking genre.

As a technologist with a vision for a better future.I am passionate about using my technological skills to develop innovative solutions that protect againstthe dystopian future that many fear.With my deep understanding of technology and its potential impact on society,I am uniquely positioned to create standards and technologies that can safeguard our future.

Whether it's developing new encryption methods, designing more secure networks, or creating tools to combat disinformation and propaganda, I am dedicated to using technology for the greater good.

When you think of wisdom As an illusion. Nothing can shake your faith. As long as the earth spins