A discovery for simple minds and complex systems

I started my life using a computer with 96 MB of RAM and till now I still try to minimize memory consumption like I have the same machine.

I always keep it to the minimum, install what I need, and use less memory-intensive software. And the problem arises for many developers here and I am one of them, choosing the right code editor.

In a code editor, I never found what I was looking for, and what am I looking for?

A simple code editor with an *LSP for the languages I use, remote development, built-in terminal, and most importantly very lightweight.

{[LSP]: Short for Language server protocol and it serves the purpose of Code syntax highlighting Also with built-in LSP support, code intelligence like code completion, diagnostics code actions, etc.}

No code editor I used, except Vim/nvim, had these features.


Until I discovered “lapce”.

Lapce is a code editor for people with simple minds and aims to design and develop complex systems as it gives you the joy of just writing code. Only the tools you need are included. 

It has three panels that can be opened and closed blazingly fast.

Speaking of speed, this code editor runs like a supra.

And it will run on very low-end computers and if you have a high-end computer it won’t eat up your RAM like VSCODE.

As for me I installed some plugins, changed the theme and everything is set. I mainly use nvim, but now I started to rely on lapce more often.

Installation guide:

  • Before I end this short article I want to point out one last thing, if you are looking for feature-rich code editor and don’t care about minimalism or speed then this is not for you.

We favor the simple expression of the complex thought. .... We are for flat forms Because they destroy illusion and reveal truth.

Next time maybe I’ll discover something else and write about it. For now, I am out.