Missing shared Library problem fix [Archlinux]

: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

If you are using Linux it's common that you have faced this problem, especially when you are using arch Linux or any similar distro.

And the solution is easy, so easy that you can make a script that solve it whenever you face it , but we won't be doing that. I will show you how to fix it and how to avoid it. This article is not related to any distro, but I am using archlinux on my machine and it should work on yours.

The solution

First identify which library you are missing with the exact version in my case I am missing icu so I went to the archlinux packages archive and downloaded the zst file and then decompressed it

tar --use-compress-program=unzstd -xvf archive.tar.zst

After that switch to root user

su - root

then you will find a usr directory cd into it

cd usr/

copy the whole content of the directory into your main usr directory

cp -r * /usr/

and you are done try running the application that caused you this problem and it should work


to avoid this error in the future just the solution I have is for archlinux but you could find other tutorials to do it on other distro.

You need to stop the package manager in our case pacman from updating the library to a newer version.

so you need to access this file using your best text editor I use nvim you use whatever vi,vim or nano

sudo nvim /etc/pacman.conf

look for

IgnorePkg =

and add the package you want to stop from updating (in our case icu)

IgnorePkg = icu

Last note One last note, if you installed the package manually you don't need to change anything as pacman won't be able to update it. you need the mitigation steps for other packages.